The Bionic Kid, Second Issue Release

Limbitless Solutions Releases Second Installment of The Bionic Kid Comic Book

The Bionic Kid Zachary is back and better than ever in the Bionic Kid: Issue 2. Will the Bionic Kid’s incredible superpowers stop the evil supervillain Norman?

ORLANDO, FL. (July 1st, 2021) Limbitless Solutions, a non-profit and direct support organization at the University of Central Florida (UCF) dedicated to increasing accessibility and empowering children and adults in the limb difference community, is excited to announce that the Bionic Kid Issue 2 releases for purchase on July 1st, which coincides with disability pride month. Bionic Kid Zachary and his brother Christo return in this epic sequel to stop supervillain ‘Norman’ from wreaking havoc, while delivering an important message about disability and representation. All proceeds from comic sales support a child with limb difference receiving a Limbitless Solutions bionic limb.

The Bionic Kid comic book series is a powerful story of a hero with a big heart and a limb difference. The comic series, created by University of Central Florida (UCF) Limbitless Solutions affiliated faculty and student interns from the UCF School of Visual Arts & Design (SVAD), is based on the experiences of a real life kid, Zachary Pamboukas, and his prosthetic limb.

In close collaboration with Zachary and family, the creative team were able to bring Zachary’s empowering story to life. Despite a pandemic and being based on opposite coasts of the United States, Zachary, Niko, and Christo collaborated with the Bionic Kid comic illustrator and SVAD Associate Professor Victor Davila ‘97 ‘07 and the Limbitless creative team to bring the game changing hero’s story to life!

The Bionic Kid’s second installment’s moral is heroes come in all shapes and sizes. The importance of inclusive representation of disabilities in media aligns with the mission and provides inspiration to the Limbitless Solutions team. The comic features a protagonist born with a limb difference, when limb differences are often portrayed as villainous or are caused by traumatic events. “Representation comes in all forms, and Zachary wanted to offer a superhero born with congenital limb difference for kids like him all over the world to see,” says SVAD Associate Professor, Creative Director at Limbitless Solutions, and editor of the Bionic Kid comic series Matt Dombrowski ‘05 ‘08.

When Zachary’s dad was asked about the family’s experience and the importance of the series to them, Niko Pamboukas shared that, “We learned the impact that one can have with our first story. We’ve had the opportunity to hear words of encouragement from so many families and individuals after the first issue. We wanted to make sure the second issue continued building upon what made the first issue so great. Our family is excited for everyone to read this next chapter in our hero’s journey.”

Real-life bionic kid Zachary has been hard at work since the 2019 release of the first issue of the comic book as an advocate for the limb difference community, sharing his story to thousands through conferences and conventions, and even live on social media! Zachary’s eagerness to raise awareness prompted him to make some new friends, including Smallville’s Michael Rosenbaum, who makes an appearance in Issue 2.

This project has been monumental for everyone involved. “Our #1 goal at Limbitless is to empower the individuals we serve,” says Dombrowski. “The ability for a young person like Zachary to enact such positive change while also empowering others is exactly why we do what we do.”

The Bionic Kid Issue 2 will be available through multiple platforms and available in a standard edition or the Signature Series – including the comic signed by both Zachary and Christo plus 2 limited edition trading cards available exclusively from, where fans can also make a donation of any size. A digital copy of Issue 1 and 2 will be available for purchase on Per Zachary’s request, all proceeds and donations will benefit another child receiving a bionic arm.

About Limbitless Solutions

Limbitless Solutions is a non-profit and direct support organization at the University of Central Florida (UCF) dedicated to increasing accessibility and empowering children and adults in the limb difference community. Through personalized, creative and expressive bionics, provided without financial burden, the team aims to empower using innovative technology and interdisciplinary collaboration to address accessibility issues. Limbitless develops muscle-based biosensing technology including multi-gesture bionic arms, a hands-free wheelchair control device and interactive video game training.

Founded in 2014, and located in UCF’s Research Park in Orlando, Florida, Limbitless combines engineering and art to promote access and engagement in STEAM learning experiences for a more inclusive future. Undergraduate students from various academic perspectives engage in project-based learning, professional development and research experiences where students put academics into practice in an environment focused on making a difference, as well as professional and technical development. Visit to learn more.