Q13 Fox: Boy creates comic to raise money for other kids with limb differences

Link to video of this story:  https://q13fox.com/2019/01/17/boy-creates-comic-to-raise-money-for-other-kids-with-limb-differences/

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MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. — A Washington state boy who was born without part of his hand is on a mission to help other children with limb differences.

Like many 10-year-old boys, Zachary Pamboukas loves to watch cartoons with his big brother. He especially loves superheroes.

And like any superhero, Zachary has faced adversity too.  He came into the world missing part of his right hand, the result of Amniotic Band Syndrome.

After seeing a video of Robert Downey Jr. delivering a 3D bionic arm that looked like Iron Man to another child in Florida, Zachary’s grandma took action. She submitted his name to the same non-profit, Limbitless Solutions, hoping he’d be the next lucky recipient.

And on Christmas morning 2015, Zachary discovered his new abilities.

“It wasn’t about ‘What did you lose?’ it was more about ‘What can you do? What’s going on? Who are you?'” said Niko, Zachary’s dad.

Instead of keeping this new identity a secret, Zachary decided to use his powers to help other kids just like him who have limb differences.

“I said, well you would have to do something that, you like, that maybe you could sell,” Niko said.

And that is how The Bionic Kid comic book came to be.

“Zachary and his brother did this amazing job of putting together this story, and there’s a lot of similarities,” Niko said. “The main character happens to be Zachary, and he happens to have a dog named Beary, and a brother.”

Niko sent the story to Limbitless Solutions, and they loved it so much they got their graphic artists on board. Now, the profits will help provide even more prosthetic limbs to kids like Zachary.