MoxiWorks Diversity & Inclusion Highlight: Limbitless Solutions

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At MoxiWorks, one of our three core pillars is diversity. To honor the diversity among our Moxian community, each month we invite guests to join us to honor different heritage months & commemorative months to help us all learn, grow and be more inclusive. October was Disability History Month in Washington State and in honor of the month, we were so thrilled to welcome special guests from Limbitless Solutions during our monthly Town Hall.

MoxiWorks Town Hall featuring Limbitless Solutions

Limbitless Solutions is a nonprofit organization that is increasing accessibility and empowering children and adults in the limb difference community. Technically speaking, Limbitless Solutions uses innovative technology to provide bionic solutions to address accessibility issues to children and adults. Limbitless has provided arms for over 36 children, and are now offering them to adults. 

Non-technical talk, Limbitless Solutions is arming children and adults with a super-limb, one that not only looks like one but performs like one. 

MoxiWorks Town Hall featuring Limbitless Solutions2

One of their co-founders, Albert Manero, was gracious enough to give us all a better understanding of what Limbitless does and why it’s so important. He also shared some amazing stories about the kids they have helped. One very special story was about Zachary, who is the son of Moxian, Niko Pamboukas, Sr. Director of Inside Sales.

Niko & Zachary

(Source: The Pamboukas Family)

Zachary was a recipient of a Limbitless bionic arm back in 2015. The impact and friendships Limbitless Solutions has had on Zachary’s has been and continues to be long-lasting.

Zachary with Limbitless Solutions

(Source: Limbitless Solutions)

“Getting selected by Limbitless Solutions really changed my life.  It reinforced the belief my family has in me that I can do anything I set my mind to. When I have my bionic arm on, people feel like they can approach me and ask me questions. They also ask questions from a place of positivity instead of a place of negativity and loss. Albert and his team are the best.  They really listen and want to know how they can keep making the bionic arm better.”

Moxian Niko shared, “As a parent, you want to know that anyone you work with has your child’s best interest at heart.  We’ve built so much trust together with everyone at Limbitless Solutions, that we consider them our extended family in Orlando.

When Zachary was younger, we priced out how much a bionic arm would cost if we had to pay for it ourselves.  Cost was anywhere from $25,000 – $100,000.  The fact that Limbitless provides this at no cost to the family is truly amazing.”

After receiving his arm from Limbitless, Zachary, alongside his brother Christo, wanted to do something to give back. The brothers created a comic titled “The Bionic Kid” with the mission to pay it forward one comic at a time. All proceeds from comic book sales go directly to Limbitless so that more kids like Zachary can receive their life-changing arm.

“It means that other kids that were born with a limb difference can see there are comic book heroes out there now who were born just like us! I love that I got to write this with my big brother. We love helping others and we are so happy that we get that chance as kids.”

Zachary and Christo with The Bionic Kid(Source: The Pamboukas family)

Thank you so much to Zachary and Niko, for sharing your experience with Limbitless with us. And special thanks to Limbitless for joining us during our Town Hall.

Interested in supporting this amazing organization? Visit to help support Limbitless by purchasing Zachary’s comic book. Or, to learn more, visit